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When I was 10, my parents gave me a sewing machine for Christmas. I exchanged it for a typewriter. That same year, I started taking the bus across town to Milwaukee’s largest library because I’d read “all the books” at my neighborhood branch.


Later, lured by the promise of getting paid to ask questions and write about the answers, I got my first journalism job at a newspaper in Phoenix. What followed was more than a dozen years with The Associated Press in Columbia, S.C., San Francisco and Iraq where I helped coax stories out of other writers as well as cultivate my own.


As a freelance writer, editor and book doctor, I delight in “pruning the tree” to help tell the stories found in lives well-lived.

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See award-winning articles written for The A ssociated Press.

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Read a sample of my forthcoming memoir, HIT: A Memoir of Blue Collars, Bars and Bad Boys.


"Kim was amazing. She really upped the ante, holding me accountable and believing that my best work was just a few edits away! Had I known how much work was ahead I might not have continued, but thanks to her incredible support and knowledge, I felt hand held and totally entertained too!"

Ellee Ven, musician, author, founder of the Groovalution

"Kim helped me get my project to a state that I am very proud of. She challenged me to come up with a crisper flow overall, better words, resulting in a much clearer storyline. ... Kim is a direct, persistent, and encouraging editor. I've learned a great deal from her and will definitely hire her again shortly for my next project." 

Helen M. Jacobs, author of "Finding Water: A Mom's Guide Through Death, Grief and Learning to Live."

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